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Status: New idea

Firefox continually deletes or loses the most recent session during updates- It also loses history sometimes. Many times neither can be found or recovered. I would like to see a stand-alone feature or add on that saves every session, and all history including the session in progress.  When some bad code or dysfunctional website makes FF freeze and one has to do a hard shut down, the sesh is invariably lost. Same during updates- it will give me a session back that is days or weeks old. Hours and days of research has been lost..... This has been going on for years. Often the freezes happen when one has downloaded but not yet installed an update, and upon installation, disaster.  I have lost dozens of sessions and tab managers are onerous and often slog the browser- I've yet to find a good clean easy one.

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Firefox losing the current session because of an update has happened again and again - I do wish you would fix this.  An alternative fix would be for Firefox to save more backup sessions, because the session that actually contains my tabs always seems to get overwritten.  Not sure why.

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YES, please! Or least update the API so that other extensions like Tab Session Manager implement this.

I was a devoted Firefox supporter but now use others because this feature broke during the massive rewrite. I have a lot of tabs and low RAM, so being able to save and restore different sessions (with each tab's respective history) is important for me.