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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Since Chrome 90, there has been a feature which allows users to highlight some text on a given webpage and create a link which, when visited, highlights the text again. The link is appended with #:~:text= with the text to be highlighted being URL encoded and put after. A simple but incredibly useful feature I recon Firefox could benefit from.

Making moves

It is a very nice feature in Chrome because it prevents a barrier that a screenshot causes - the screenshot can't be scrolled or resized like a webpage and doesn't link to the original URL. So if we pretended the internet was a town, and I wanted to tell you about an ice cream parlor, while Firefox can only share the town name or a photo of the ice cream parlor, Chrome can give an exact address for the ice cream parlor that you want to share with others. Just a bad analogy I thought of.

Strollin' around

This should be implemented as soon as possible

Making moves
From user standpoint, this is useful to share a link that jump to exact part of the page without using anchor. From dev standpoint, this feature isn't hard to implement, Google even open-source their code.