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Status: New idea

I've been using Firefox with the Firefox Account for synchronization, so when i reinstall i cant come back to how i left it, but one things missing, and that's is the Cookie exception List (i delete all my cookies on exit, so i have a hand-made list of adresses where i want cookies to be preserved), this could be saved into the account, or a way to save all the configuration into the account, that way if i just need to reinstall NOT because of errors with Firefox, i can still have all my configuration (when signing in with an account to Firefox, it can prompt if do you want to load the last configuration).

I tried searching for this option if it already exists, but i don't seem to find it.

Status changed to: New idea
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Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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Yes I want that too, and I would go even further : I want every single setting to be synced !

There's a couple that I have already seen are missing, exception list as mentioned by OP, permissions, network settings, additional dictionaries...

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Hi, I find this request absolutely essential!

I need a third party tool to manage the deletion of cookies in firefox to avoid to resetup the logins of websites. This additional step prevents me acctually from frequently delete all other cookies, given the extra effort. And yes this seeting should be synched between all connected devices.


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I hope if you can implement an option to sync the cookies exception list settings. thank you

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Good morning. I suggest that become possible to add sites as exceptions to the cache/passwords/configs etc cleaning in Firefox. Exceptions for each item itself, or for all. Thanks.

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Is it possible to have Manage Exceptions options for Clear history when Firefox closes option?

I want to clear all history (Cookies, Site data, download history, browsing history etc.) when Firefox closes, but only leave the history for sites listed in the Exceptions.

My Firefox is update to date (102.0 (64-bit)), for now, if Clear history when Firefox closes option is checked, Firefox clears all sites' history without exceptions when closing. If this option is unchecked, Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed option is always unchecked after Firefox restart. I don't want to manually check it every time FF restarted.

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Yes, pleeeeaaase let us sync the cookie exception list!!!

This is an essential!

What would also be very appreciated, if you synced the default search engine plus added custom search engines.

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I think this is basic, also the exception list should be more easily accessible.

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when you login to a website it should keep you logged in on the other device too, and not just login it should sync other tings like the item in your shopping cart when you are not sighed in.

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Would be nice to have it as a separate option in the sync yeah 🙂

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Have a feature to clear cookies EXCEPT for domains that are whitelisted

I use the "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" combined with a list of whitelisted domains, that way, I don't have cookies piling up, and I save passwords instead.

The "clear cookies" is nice but it also clears whitelisted cookies.

Sometimes I close firefox to just clear up cookies that accumulated during a day.

I would like a button, option or a menu (maybe in the CTRL SHIFT DEL menu?) to clear cookies EXCEPT those that are whitelisted.

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I totally agree with this idea = syncing the Cookies exception list.
It is tedious to manually copy the same list with so many entries to each device I use.
Personally I have a special excel file for this.

New member

Can you please include automatic synchronization of cookie exceptions in an upcoming release?

If not, please provide a manual means to export and import cookie exceptions.

Many users take great effort to customize their cookie exceptions, but they currently need to be manually recreated on each Firefox installation they use. This seems an unnecessary burden then you already have synchronization of passwords and other data between installations.


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Up vote for this. Managing cookie exceptions on different devices without import/export support is kind of annoying.

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Syncing ability for "Manage Exceptions" of Cookies and Site Data.

For those who use auto-deleting Cookies and Site data after closing the browser session and using the Manage Exception for specific sites to still log in when back next time. It will be great to sync this data over Firefox account. As well as, after a fresh browser installation, these settings will be saved for all sites in the exception list.