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I want to start using containers. I added Firefox containers to my Firefox computer browser. I have been using and repairing computers since the 1970s - maybe that's a problem. I use my computers (one Win 10 and one Macbook Pro) dailu, but I watch the stock market and otherwise keep things simple. I am not up on all the latest apps etc.

I cannot easily figure out how to start using Firefox containers with my bank for the first time. Why do I have to be conversant with all the latest terminology to get started? Surely developers understand that their users come from all walks and are at all levels of technology sophistication. Why is it that someone who used to repair Sperry Univac (for example) mainframes (for example) and who has been online since the 1990s is frustrated by Firefox instructions on using Firefox containers? Could you provide two sets of instructions, one set for those fully conversant and up-to-date, and one set for novices and old fogies? Or come up with a better solution for those not so up-to-date? Thanks for your consideration.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @chamneyce, thanks for this feedback and suggestion! Just want to quickly confirm that we're on the same page - are you talking about the containers instructions from our Support site? This link here:

Looking forward to hearing back.