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Status: New idea

I've really come to appreciate the container feature, but they're still completely manual.

I'd suggest to add a feature to bookmarks and bookmark handling, so that I can specify in a bookmark, in which container it will open.
The idea is to have e.g. one bookmark "Google/Docs/YT (work) to open in my "work" container with my work login, and another one to open in a standard container with a different or no login. Currently, this works just fine, but I have to open the container tab manually each time.

(This could be a more flexible addition to pre-assigning e.g. all * domains to one container as @bugboy  suggested.)

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So, I have some amazing workaround seemingly working on my browser and I cannot remember how I did it:

Bookmark 1: URL:

Bookmark 2: URL:

When I open bookmark1, it automatically opens it in container "UserOne".

When I open bookmark2, it automatically opens it in container "UserTwo".

In both cases, there is no redirections, no popups, it loads the page simply, in the respective container. There are no tags and no keywords configured for either bookmark.

I do not have Open external links in a container or containerize installed, or any add-on with the word "container" in it, except Mozilla's own Multi-Account Container.

It seems I managed to configure what everyone here is after but... I can't remember how.

I wanted to configure a second site like this, where I regularly use multiple account simultaneously and I couldn't remember how I did it last time, and I ended up here.

I checked that in Multi-Account Container no sites are configured for either container when I click "manage containers" > UserOne > "Manage Site List...". The site list is empty for both containers.

This is driving me a little nuts I must admit – I guess I'm missing something extremely obvious.

New member

After more than a little searching I found an extension called  "Container Bookmarks"  that lets you assign a bookmark to a container.

So now I can have bookmarks for my 3 gmail accounts that automatically open in separate containers.

Seems to work well. Not sure why this isn't part of the base firefox.