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Presearch aims to become the first decentralised search engine that both rewards its users and respects their privacy, as opposed to Google.

In 2021 Google was required to make Presearch a default option for all new Android devices in Europe and the UK to break its monopoly.

Would Mozilla also consider making Presearch a default option for Firefox?


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Would love to see this added!

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In addition to being decentralized, Presearch offers users a way to easily choose from more than 100 pre-configured search engines they can direct their query to, and to add in their own custom search engines.

Presearch is a level playing field for search engines, and provides users with increased choice while respecting their privacy.

Thank you for considering the adding of Presearch as a default search option!

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yes, this is a great idea. i use presearch since years now and they constantly improving theyr service.

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Great evolving search engine for those who value privacy.

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Agree with colinp! Presearch is a 1-stop shop that allows users to search many sources from one site. It also provides better search results without privacy concerns. 

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Would be a great search option for those privacy focused users. I have been using it for a while and as good as Google if not better especially with the AI results turned on.

thanks for the consideration 

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Looking at the other trending ideas there is an idea that would be very synergistic with the adding Presearch as a default search option idea. The other Trending Idea I am referring to is this: Allow different search engines for default and private mode

I think adding more privacy focused default search options only benefits your customers/users. Let them decide. That is the whole point of having an idea portal and seeking customer feedback.

The reason I think these ideas are related is because many of your users would like to use privacy focused search options especially when in private mode. If you allow users to select their default search options to be different in normal mode and private mode and you have more privacy focused default search options available this would be a great upgrade to Firefox! Every question you ask - your customers always respond with more privacy less tracking... Listen to your customers please.

Step 1 add Presearch and any other privacy focused search engines as a default option. This by itself is a win and allows privacy concerned users to use a search provider more aligned with their values.
Step 2 add a feature to select a default search provider for normal and private modes; this can be defaulted to be the same provider - But allowing users who care to select a different option for each mode is also a win for your customers and the community. There are many customers that just choose to use different browsers at times because you are not providing them what they are asking for.

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Those of you who liked the idea of adding an option to select your default search option to be a different search provider for normal mode vs private mode. We support you and this idea. Help us get more privacy focused default search options added to Firefox to protect our privacy and give us more available options like presearch if they decide to implement this idea.

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Presearch è il futuro,

non vedo come un browser che si rispetti possa fare a meno di questo search engine.

Presearch is the future, I don't see how a self-respecting browser can do without this search engine.

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Best search engine. I have been using presearch for 3 years.

Please add PreSearch to Firefox.

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Would really like to see this. Always supported Mozilla as the most privacy-respecting mainstream browser; I feel like they'd go hand-in-hand with Presearch.

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Mozilla would certainly consider this, if Presearch also agrees to pay them $450 million per year for being the default search engine 😀

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@emvaized I'll have someone look into it.