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Making moves
Status: New idea

The menu for clearing the Cache is rather confusing.  The word "Cache" is probably the most widely used term, and I recognized Data Management was probably the closest, though others may not.

But Under Data Management one sees Website Data leading to another page and on that page one can select "Clear all Webskite Data."

On the previous page. there is a list  including Browsing History, Cache, Cookies, etc. with slider buttons.

Beneath that it says Clear Private Data.

I'm not sure how website data is different...what else would be there.

The tiny :Clear Private Data" in gray above the choices on this page isn't noticible.  At first it appeared I could clear six different kinds of data or "Clear Private Data" separately.

This could be all one one page, labeled

Clear data and caches:

Under that it would list each category with a dot to select (clear/blue), then replace the Clear Private Data with a button that said Submit.

I don't know all the terms, but it seems like this was not the same way to do things I've seen on other pages or in the past.   I don't know if there are formal standards for these things or not.  I know some things are clear and intuitive and then I look at other pages and can't figure out what is going on.  When I study it for long enough I realize that that the ways to select things are different from what I've seen in the past.

As I know I can't always describe it well, it must be even more difficult to define/write or follow them.  All I can say is that this was something that should have been automatic for me and ended up taking 45 minutes. 

I think this didn't fit standards (written or otherwise), but don't want to fault the person who put it this way. I know I wouldn't be able to internalize all the choices when designing a menu.  There may even be a better way than I suggested.

Thanks folks. I feel bad to bring this up.


Making moves

I compared this to Firefox on the Mac.  It is very clear and understandable there.  Why not try to match that menu?

If the menus are the same, it is much easier to support anyone. 😉

Not applicable

This has been a pet peeve for a long time. I want to clear all cookies and data and history (etc) every time I close the browser -- giving me a clean slate at next startup and making it at least marginally harder for advertisers to use cookies and other leftover data to track me. Unfortunately, there's no way to do this automatically on iOS currently (though there is on desktop Firefox).

Why not a checklist of data types PLUS a "Remove History [broadly defined] When Firefox Closes" option (like on the desktop)?

Or, if that's not technologically feasible for some reason, just give us an "Always Use Private Browsing Mode" option (again, like on the desktop version) so cruft doesn't build up.

And, yes, the current interface to clear data is confusing on iOS. What's the difference between Settings > Data Management > Clear Private Data AND Settings > Data Management > Website Data > Clear All Website Data? Do they do different things? Is the former simply more particulate because they clear the same data (in which case, keep the former, ditch the latter)?

Simplicity is a really good feature in a browser. Unfortunately, Firefox -- perhaps more than any other -- seems to be designed by committee. So, I don't have much hope for simplification. But I'll keep watching.

New member

I am also annoyed "clear cache on exit" (ccoe), isn't available on Firefox for iphone. It was on my android. I don't see why ccoe isn't available unless it's for corporate purposes.

When I first realized ccoe wasn't available I deleted the app. Nit liking the others, I only reinstalled it for the other features. This could be a deal breaker if I find an app with ccoe.