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Making moves
Status: New idea

choose multiple bookmarks in folder with right click or / and checkbox and then open/ delete/ copythem

going to bookmarks now means you can open one at the time

when you have a rather complex structure in your bokmarks with perhaps several submenus in them,

visiting the same tree / branch again for the next link, for the neyt link etc might be a little bit stressy.

so, i suggest to make a function

right click on bookmark = mark this certain bookmark

mark several if you want,

perhaps even in different branches / folders of your bookmarks menu

and then choose what you want to do with them, also by right click

perhaps the marking disappears automatically after a chosen time in preferences

1 min. 30 minutes, never etc

chosen function could be:
open each in new tab
open each in new window
delete all chosen
copy all chosen
move all chosen to position where mouse is right now
copy all chosen to clipboard as link list
paste line above all chosen
paste line below all chosen
paste new folder below all chosen

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