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With version 98.0 the saving of .exe files won't ''ask me'' if i want to save the file like in previous versions.I read that the default saving attitude now is auto-saving. I have changed to ''always ask'' most of my content type like it was before, but the .exe type is missing. Please fix this on next version because a misclick - autosaving a .exe file can make things pretty bad. I have tried finding the ''Old Firefox'' folder in order to replace my old prefs.js but i guess newer versions have stopped using that folder.So please fix it.

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yesss thhis new download system sucks, i loved using firefox since i can choose to only view without actually save the files. And the pdf one ughhh this is the worst.

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yess bring back the older download system, it's suck especially for PDF file, when i only want to view some pdf file my friend sent to me in whatsapp web it always ended up in the download folder. So i thought i should change the setting, but when i chose to always open in firefox for PDf file, noe they open the pdf but in the same time the web where pdf originated was closed.
i;m desperate since my work involved previewing lots of pdf files

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The latest update made the pop up "What should Firefox do with this file".

The solution here, resolved the problem:


- You are able to revert by opening Firefox and typing "about:config". Then click on “Accept the Risk and Continue” button.

1. Type improvements in Search filter box and look for following preference in the window:

The preference value is set to true by default, which means the new automatic download behavior is activated and enabled in Firefox.

2. Deactivate and disable the new behavior and restore classic download prompt feature by double-clicking on the preference and set it to false.



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Awesome, this  idea is back ❤️

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I agree that we should be asked if we want to save a file or not.

Also, when choosing "Open in Firefox" for PDF, I wish they'd open in a new tab instead of having to press "back" to go to where I started the download.

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Cease and desist from automatically downloading updates to my computer systems.

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This change needs reverted or I need it explained to me why you think forcing me to download a file instead of just opening it is an improvement. Or I guess I'll go find a browser that behaves in a user-friendly way? That used to be Firefox.

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Me too. I also want to be able to choose where to save files I want to download. If you're not going to restore that I might as well go to Chrome permanently. I already have a few websites that don't play well with Firefox.

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Having to save all downloads adds much time and hassle as I read a lot of docs from the net through work and university.

I will use Chrome for now but let me know if you ever go back to how it was with the option to open or save.

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I just spent several hours trying to fix this. Please revert this or commit to keep the toggle supported and add an option to always ask for all new/old file types without having to go to the settings page every time.

just a while ago dedicated search bar was decimated in the name of removing its unique functionality ( and now this...