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With version 98.0 the saving of .exe files won't ''ask me'' if i want to save the file like in previous versions.I read that the default saving attitude now is auto-saving. I have changed to ''always ask'' most of my content type like it was before, but the .exe type is missing. Please fix this on next version because a misclick - autosaving a .exe file can make things pretty bad. I have tried finding the ''Old Firefox'' folder in order to replace my old prefs.js but i guess newer versions have stopped using that folder.So please fix it.

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@GaBaNThanks for this.

Now it's better but I think it's still missing the old save/open/always dialog that was there before.

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Being able to quickly open a file, view its contents and then close it again without having to worry about deleting it afterwards was really convenient - for example, when using Google, sometimes results are PDF files. Until you see the contents, you don't know whether it's relevant to what you were searching for, let alone whether it's something you want to keep. Previously, you used to be able to start reading them in Firefox while they were still downloading - now you have to wait for an entire 20MB file to download first, just to find out that actually it's not what you needed, and then manually delete it again afterwards.

Another problem is that you cannot infer the appropriate download behaviour for a given file based on its extension - especially for common file types such as Excel or Powerpoint. Sometimes I just want to quickly open a file to check some figures, or copy something into another document I already have open. Other times I want to save it to a specific folder for editing, or later use.

The appropriate behaviour depends on context which Firefox cannot possibly infer, so being forced into treating all files of a given type the same way makes organising documents unnecessarily difficult. It also increases the risk of accidentally saving an important file into the folder used to dump all the unwanted junk, or something irrelevant getting mixed in with important work.

If the developers insist on keeping this new behaviour, then please at least add a proper option to allow us to save to a temp folder and open automatically, like before. Even if it isn't enabled by default.

And next time, warn users in advance before removing features. I genuinely thought it was a problem with my PC, and was tearing my hair out trying to fix it.

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In settings, I have ticked "Always ask you where to save files". It remains ticked. And yet when I download a file it is saved to the Downloads folder in drive C without asking me (and the document also opens in a new tab in the browser). Firefox is ignoring its own settings! This is so annoying.

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I just wanted to say - those changes to the way that FF deals with file downloads are really bad, please - leave it as it was earlier. I understand that some users may not be aware of what TEMP is, and working on files saved in this location may lead them to loosing their data/work, but there is huge group of users like me, who are aware of what they do. And dialog asking me what to do with each file that I wanted do download was great thing. Even for the same type of file, each time decision could be different - sometimes I wanted file to be saved, sometimes  I just wanted to see or print data in file, but without saving it in default location.


PLEASE... undo those changes. Or at least - give users possibility to choose, which version they want. And DON'T remove or you will see larg group of FF users switching to alternative browser.

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Yeah now my Downloads folder is spammed by a bunch of files that I needed to open only once and would prefer if they were auto-pruned like the older method provided.

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The already trending idea "Please revert the downloads system" with more than 80 comments and nearly 180 up votes has somehow "vanished" from the list. How has this happened and why? Is this some kind of censorship?

So again: Please revert the downloads system! It clutters the download folder with tons of unwanted temporary stuff, which one only wanted to look at for a moment and did not want that stuff permanently placed in the download folder.

Please explain the miraculous benefits, the user has from the new behavior. Especially also why it is better to download *.exe-files without any question, this opens door to drive-by downloads, which are normally absolutely not wanted. It is no excuse to constantly open the download panel to make clear to the user, he is downloading something. This is simply annoying.

So please: Revert the downloads system

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The new download system is worse.  Stop trying to be chrome. We use FF because we don't like chrome.

When a file is selected for download, save it to the temp folder if I just want to open it, not the download folder.

Pop-up the download prompt, and let users choose where to save it, or how to handle it.

This is something that wasn't broken. Stop trying to 'fix' things that are not broken.

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The original thread with over 130 votes (last I looked, several days ago) has been disappeared. When I try to visit:

I am told, "The idea you are trying to access is not available. "

Do I dare ask why?

And will those first 130+ votes be added to this one?

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Yes, now Firefox clutters the download folder with tons of unwanted temporary stuff, which one only wanted to look at for a moment and did not want that stuff permanently placed in the download folder. Sorry to say, but the former behavior was waaayy better.

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Supported. Honestly, if "save file" is going to be default behaviour, we should be able to manually add any extension or MIME types to the list, not only to modify what Firefox thinks we should be able to modify