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In other editors/browsers (e.g. Notepad++, Chrome, VS Code), when selecting a text block in multi-line textarea, it selects extra non-existing character at the end of line. When I try to move cursor without selection, there is no extra character at the end of line.


I'd like to propose this to be the default textarea behavior in Firefox. This has multiple pros and I think it is more intuitive, especially for users coming from other browsers, text editors etc. It gives the user the ability to see what actually is selected. This behavior can be useful if textarea has additional features like moving blocks of text using Alt+Arrows and users are mainly using keyboard to navigate in the textarea.

Case 1:
Picture 1 - Firefox, Picture 2 - Chrome
In this case the Firefox user is not sure if the selected text is "asfadsaa", "\nasfdsaa", "asfadsaa\n" or "\nasfadsaa\n". There is no visual representation of selected text.
In Chrome example, user can clearly see that the selected text is "\nasfadsaa\n".

Case 2:
Picture 1 - Firefox, Picture 2 - Chrome
In this case there are even more possibilities, so I'm not going to list them all. In the 2nd picture, user can clearly see that the selection is "\na".


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