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Hi my name is max, so i made right now links for my most used websites like or i think i'm to lazy for type everytime a address. so i got idea, what if a browser transform in to sandbox in to web apps. yeah i know this idea not new, but what if remove address bar show it only when you need, and use a bars like a most used (links/webapps) links show as icons in launchpad in macos. yeah i know firefox/chrome and other have this but its some kind stupid, make that more simple. possibilty to open them in separate windows (with variations as tablets or phone resolutions), make file links to open page as standalone webapp (there is webapps that i need open all time but i dont like everytime write address. may be separate settings for every webapp. take some kind idea from ios where some pages i'm linked to home page but when i open them they opens like as app there is no address bar no buttons (browser buttons and other UI elements from browser) just a page which is very good for use (yeah i know as return button i use swipe right) but there is possibility to make full right side semi transparent button (hides when un used)

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