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Strollin' around
Status: Delivered

Starting release of Firefox 127.0 the “browser.privateWindowSeparation.enabled” preference stopped working (I believe it was removed in the commit here: and now Firefox private and normal windows have their separate icon in the Windows taskbar. Could you restore that functionality? If not by bringing back the “browser.privateWindowSeparation.enabled” preference on the about:config page, then e.g. add a new setting on the Firefox settings page that does the same thing.

New member

Please bring it back.

New member

This might be what makes me return to one of the Chromium browsers.

New member

It's hard to imagine any good reason why this change was made other than maybe as some sort of convenience for the Mozilla development team.

At least that's all I can imagine anyway because I've seen precisely zero users wishing for a separate private window icon. So it must be for the sake of Mozilla -- a poor excuse when other browsers seem to have no problem tiling their windows.

Otherwise, they're solving a problem no one had. So why fix it?

It doesn't make sense from any angle.

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Please restore this function. I don't need or want additional taskbar icons.

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I concur with the poster. It's annoying that it was taken away. Now I have to pin to my desktop so that it's next to Firefox. I don't understand why features like that are taken away. Chrome hasn't even done that. 

Making moves

Totally agree with this topic. Kudos.

As jakjawagon says, it is very sad that we don't have the option to choose the desired behavior like we used to. Reviewing this thread and many users, for example on Reddit after the update, it is clear that allowing the user to choose this option is the most appropriate.

I would prefer not to have forced and unwanted icons in my operating system's taskbar, being able to have them all as before.

Please reconsider it. Thanks.

New member

Please revert this.

Firefox keeps changing behaviors for the worst, with the excuse "oh but there's an option to keep it as it was before", then removing that option a few versions later.

As already explained by others, this doesn't make sense and just plain sucks. Revert.

Strollin' around

Indeed, deviation from every other browser is quite unacceptable.

It's a shame that the only solution is to revert to v126 and hope that I won't be stranded there forever. The new set up is completely non-viable for my use unfortunately.

Making moves

Why on earth did you change this? It was fine before, people who wanted it on their taskbar could change it. Normal people could just have it hidden.

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changes like this rarely get reverted, but why not I'll vote to revert it anyway


New member

This is dumb beyond belief.

I'll stick with Brave until it's reverted.

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Agreed that this feature should be brought back. I bothered to sign in to make this comment and join the agreement

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I don't normally look for forums like these and I especially don't tend to leave comments, however, that's how much I used this feature. It has even had me considering downgrading.
I'd like to know if there is an alternative way to fix this issue.
I wasn't a fan of the change when it first occurred and had found out how to change it then. I'd like to keep my options open because THIS is infuriating to me.

Until then, I will continue searching for a solution. I'll try to come back if I find something.

Note: browser.privatebrowsing.autostart did combine the icons in the taskbar, however, it also created odd behavior. You would not always be able to tell if you were in private browsing... or is it now that it's always in private browsing. I really can't tell.

New member

Please revert this change, there is no reason to ever delete a setting that people use.

New member

Please restore the previous settings - at least we had the option of whether to separate private browsing tabs from other open Firefox tabs.

Why on earth was this changed??!!