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Many users do not like the new print user interface, so they have been staying with the old print user interface by setting print.tab_modal.enabled to false.  Everything was fine until Firefox 97 removed this option.  Many users have complained about this on

I normally print to PDF and do not want a preview.  I usually do a "postview" to check the resulting PDF.  The new print user interface would just slow things down without providing me with any benefit.  The old print preview should be available for those users who need it.  I have reverted to Firefox 96.0.3.

Please bring back the whole of the old print user interface, i.e. what was provided by setting print.tab_modal.enabled to false.

Strollin' around

I am so annoyed that Mozilla took this option away from users. I am a public interest attorney. I send information to clients and the ability to edit the headers and footers allowed me to choose what info the would help client to know. Does the need to know what date I printed this information? Do they need the URL so they can find the information on their own? Do they need to know the organization providing the information if it is not on the materials I have printed? It doesn't matter now, b/c I can't change the darn settings.

Mozilla is my favorite browser, but if it is to my clients' detriment to continue using it, I will have to. 😞

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PLEASE FIREFOX CREATORS.  This is important!



print.tab_modal.enabled, no longer exist
print.prefer_system_dialog, was added to print using the system dialog and not the new print preview

Firefox for Enterprise 101 - Release notes

In Firefox 101, a new preference, print.prefer_system_dialog, was added to print using the system dialog and not the new print preview. This will be available as a policy in Firefox 102.

For information purposes print.show_page_setup_menu
In addition take a look and by way of example other choice