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Status: New idea

Scenario:  data entry into a numeric field that should allow decimal points, example 23.3 as a value.

Issue:  Firefox allows the 23, but addition of the decimal point clears the field.


From our tech support:

This appears to be an issue introduced in version 113 of Firefox, I was running 112 and this did not occur until I updated. 
What is happening is the browser has decided to not allow non-numeric entries in the html number input but it doesn't seem to be very consistent about it. Presumably the issue is that ending a number in a period is not considered a valid number so it clears it before you are allowed to finish entering the decimal place numbers. It is possible to copy/paste in a full number containing a decimal place as that is considered valid, ex 12.0. 
For a long time Firefox did not support this input type and would simply treat it as a text input so I suspect they've recently added this functionality and we're seeing some growing pains that will hopefully get patched out on their end in the near future. 

Status changed to: New idea
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This bug is still in Firefox 114

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Unfortunately very serious! Breaks our React/Typescript based banking app.

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this is still not fixed and i dont get how this is not a top priority... i mean it excludes using decimal numbers in the web lol... we were already forced to tell all our clients to use chrome

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Also still experiencing this bug as of version 116.0.2 - any updates on a future fix @Jon? Thanks.