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Making moves
Status: In review

Firefox 88 had icons and labels on the main menu and the context menu.  After Firefox 88, it's just labels.

Menu icons give instant visual cues, help speed up the act of finding the needed menu item, plus they help non-tech savvy users.

Idea: Please bring back the menu icons. Or, at least, give us an option to see them.


Removing the icons has become a persistent speedbump in productivity usage despite months of trying to get accustomed to it. It would be great to have icons in the menus again. Thanks

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@Progress2000  Does Lepton work with macOS Firefox 116 ??

A long long time ago I used Mostly Crystal by Cat Thief's own FF makeover

I currently use for most of my tweaking along with my own userChrome.css.

Making moves

@FineWineAccording to its Github page, it should support. I cannot confirm because I do not use Mac. I works on Windows. You should just try it.




Making moves

I support this idea. It's more convenient for me to have icons.

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These icons make the browser more convenient for the average user. They are important

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Really support this. Preferably, put some colours on the icons as well to make it easy to differentiate between them

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I also want for Firefox to bring back the menu icons.

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Bring them back.. Please.. I miss them so much ever since it was removed. I still have no idea how it was an improvement.

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The idea seems fine to me. But I don't dislike the current state either. If possible, it should be configurable and optional whether to have them or not.

If Firefox can run a bit faster without them and we can keep it icon-free, perfect. And if someone wants them because they prefer the visual aspect, they should be able to add them too.