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Making moves
Status: In review

Firefox 88 had icons and labels on the main menu and the context menu.  After Firefox 88, it's just labels.

Menu icons give instant visual cues, help speed up the act of finding the needed menu item, plus they help non-tech savvy users.

Idea: Please bring back the menu icons. Or, at least, give us an option to see them.


Removing the icons has become a persistent speedbump in productivity usage despite months of trying to get accustomed to it. It would be great to have icons in the menus again. Thanks

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This is a really important feature to be needed as in waterfox there is a lepton theme that has it and it doesn't look the best but it feels the best

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Yes, l would love to see these icons back!!

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Seems a weird change when a lot of interfaces have icons to improve UX

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They should be there but they should also be consistently applied. Either all items should have icons, or none. iOS Firefox does this:



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I second that, but with color, having icons makes it much faster to find what you need specially if it was colorized.

Familiar face

The option to toggle on/off Menu Icons would be nice. I for one am a fan of the new Icon Theme for Proton, and I especially like the current Menu Icons on Android. Porting this over would be very nice indeed.

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I am basically indifferent to this, but I would ask that if this is implemented, it not apply to the menu bar. Waterfox has this, and it looks really bad (imo).

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Funny how i saw just a few options had icons i thought, "nice they adding icons now, hope they will do the rest of the options too" and then they remove it...

Making moves

yes, 100%. please bring back icons or redesign