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Making moves
Status: New idea

Amazon has sold millions of Fire TV devices over the past couple of years, and so I think this would be a worthwhile ecosystem to keep maintaining Firefox in. With Firefox no longer available, I believe the only browser available for users is the Amazon Silk browser.

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Community Manager

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Our previous browser on FireTV devices was based on the Android stock browser (WebView). We ended our support of that product in April of '21.

If we were to re-enter this market we would want to build something closer to our primary Firefox Android browser. Our evaluation of the FireTV devices showed that they are very resource constrained. Even the most modern FireTV devices more closely match phones from the mid 2010s when it comes to CPU and RAM. Amazon's only goal when building the device is to play back video at the designed rates such as 4k / 60 FPS or 720p / 24 FPS depending on the device. If at some point they ship FireTV devices that excel at general computing tasks such as web browsing we may reevaluate this position.

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So I cannot use Firefox on a fire tablet?

Thank you