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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Last post, I submit about idea of compact mode on desktop version Firefox, turning out you can enable it on about:config.

Now, as title said, add compact mode for Firefox on mobile. The redesign of Firefox fennix turning out remove a lot of old feature, and I don't know why the redesign bring large UI wasting lots of space.

Below is an example. on Firefox 68.11.0, last(?) version of Firefox fennix before redesign. Everything look nice and tidy. on firefox nightly, version 102.0a.1. Well, I don't dislike it, but can improve a lot. But if you open the menu, you can see the different. (Don't complain about why I having long email address)

The menu is very large(,due to my long email address), and I often mis-click. This worsen my browsing experience, especially when you are on street, and using with one hand.

Other than the adding compact mode, in old design, there's a share to other devices button, and a good devices list to click. But in new design, you have to scroll though a small devices list to use it. Inconvenient for users having large numbers of devices synced.

Installing add-on (not recommended by Mozilla) in older version is very convenient. Download it, and there's prompt to ask user to confirm. In new version, you have to go though a lot of steps, here a link for reference. Very annoying.

There's a bookmarking shortcut in old version, which is convenient. But in new version, you have to click that 'star/add' next to 'bookmark', and I often misclick the 'bookmark' button.

In additional notes, in old version, you can click setting after opening the menu, but can not in new version. Maybe not very important, but not convenient for tweaker.

Bring focus to the homepage. In older version, you can browse your bookmark at homepage. In newer version, it only shown recent added bookmark.

Tab queue is a feature in old version. Very useful for handling large amount of links. Can not be found in new version. Hope to get it ported.

Still, the new version of Firefox have better performance, and have security fix. And I am appreciate Firefox remains open-source, and community driven. Best wishes to every developers and contributors  of Firefox.

Edit: In older version, there's a quick search engine shortcut. Not seen in new version .And if it's possible, can we have a "copy hyperlink text" option when copying link?In below photo, if there's a "copy hyperlink text" option, we can copy the text "Ukraine troops .... - governor"Screenshot_20220516-213308.png





firefox improve.png


Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

Does do anything for you now? Does nothing for me in Firefox 106.