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I often have a niche desire to be able to branch / clone my container tabs.

It would work as such that I could take a container tab that I am already working in and clone it so that a new container opens with the same cookies / history / and cache as the source container, but at this point it would venture off and be able to gain new cookies / history etc. without affecting the original container.

Use cases for this functionality?

My main one is when you use multiple roles while browsing the aws console. Container tabs are a great way to open side by side aws sessions logged in as different roles. The problem being that everytime I open an aws session in a new container, I have to sign in again (as it had timed out from before). if I could copy my already authenticated session to a new container, and then continue to browse seperately it would save me like 10 seconds multiple times a day from having to sign into aws multiple times.

Anyway just a thought, I'm sure there are other use cases for having container tabs that branch from a standard default container already authenticated with certain websites.




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