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Could we create a favorite with a dynamic option? For example, I bookmark a site with a link parameter like ?subject="test" from mailto:

This is to ask the user what to put in the subject parameter before opening the updated link.

Useful for package tracking links for example. The parameter to update can be at the end of the URL line or in the middle, hence the interest of not multiplying the requests. This possibility will be able to please essentially those who have slowness, connection costs.

So we click on the favorites, a window is displayed to fill in/modify a default parameter (option saved in the favorites originally for example), then we validate and the page is displayed taking into account our parameter.

What do you think ?


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for EXAMPLE, I save this link. :

And when I tell him where to save it, how to call this link, I put the <?ask> tag where it should. And the next time I call that link, the browser asks me what to put in place of the tag.

the link becomes<?ask>

In this case, FF ask to the user, the new entry and open the link updated. Here is the link allowing the user to track his package, with a local transporter (La Poste)

Ideally, the browser could keep a history of these tags to avoid re-entering them. A tag could be identical several times in a row, or be re-used from time to time.