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Making moves
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I wish I could have the same Bookmarks I use in the Desktop toolbar on my start page in iOS. Safari does this the right way. I see no use in having separate pins on the mobile device. In general the bookmarks should work more like those on the desktop. There is absolutely no need to have a separate "Mobile Bookmarks" folder. The iOS version also has a reading list, which doesn't seem to be synchronized in any way.

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Ah, thank you Jon! Posted in that thread.

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At least put the bookmark access icon on the toolbar next to the home icon 

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Adding on to this - would also like full bookmark management features on mobile, including adding and editing tags, moving easily between folders, etc. especially for iPad. It’s a big screen, and current bookmark experience is very limited. 

Thank you. 

Strollin' around

Also add the feature on ios and ipad os that displays the bookmarks/bookmark folders on the top just as desktop. if you got more simply make 2 or 3 rows. this would be a real handy feature

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Especially on iPad, a bookmarks toolbar would be extremely useful.

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Lack of toolbar on my iPad makes using Firefox on it very poor. I only installed on my iPad to have the toolbar currently shared between my work desktop, home desktop and home laptop appear.

Seems such a simple user expectation has been overlooked or left out. I’ll just stick to Safari on my iPad for now I guess.

Making moves

@RyGa - agreed. I have already started using duck duck go to see if that works better - AND waiting for the Desktop version of DDG as well, which should be available before the end of the year. 

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bookmark toolbar for android and iOS tablets


I would like to bring able to add a bookmark toolbar for my android tablet, so I can navigate my bookmarks more efficiently.

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