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Familiar face
Status: New idea

Before Firefox Daylight (79, fall 2020), the homescreen for the Android Version of Firefox consisted of a few customizable tabs, including Bookmarks and History. From daylight onward, the only homepage option was "Top Sites", with the option to both pin specific sites and prevent "recently visited sites" from appearing. As of Nightly 102, however, it is impossible to disable "frequently visisted sites", leaving the home page top sites as a hodgepodge of both pinned and "frequently visited". Top Sites can be disabled, but that will disable pinned and frequently visited alike.


Currently, the closest equivalent is "Recent Bookmarks", although this is not nearly as customizable as desired.


Some ideas.


1. Return the option to disable " frequent sites" without disabling top sites.

2. Further develop "recent bookmarks" into something more customizable, so that you could pin, for example, desktop bookmarks to the homepage.

3. Allow extensions to override the homepage like on Desktop, allowing for configurations developed by the community and users.


The foremost option is the easiest to consider, and would please me well enough. The second option would please pre-daylight users who long for the older workflow. The latter would be dependent on extension permissions and support on android, but would encourage user participation and customization.

New member

I use Firefox Mobile mostly while going somewhere.

I use 2/3 bookmarks of websites I want and avoid typing in the address bar.

Since the bookmarks are not "recent" they are not displayed.

Not having my bookmark directly accessible from the start page seems a missed opportunity to me.

New member

Why isnt this even a thing I cant fathom but here goes anyway ...

display all my bookmarks (not favourites!!!) as startpage and dont height-truncate the number of displayed bookmarks as you do with favourites, use the entire height of the startpage.

Strollin' around

I'm a VERY long time desktop Firefox user.  I played with Firefox on my Android phones in the past but I really do very little web browsing on my phone that I didn't really care that much what I used.  Bookmarks on ALL mobile browsers seems to be crap.  On my desktop, my bookmarks are right there in the toolbar and I can quickly click on any I need.  But on mobile, you almost always have to click on a couple of menus before you can get at them.  Why is this?  The focus seems to always be on "recent" and "recommended" crap which is the stupidest thing in browser and OS design that I've ever seen.  I get that in mobile, having a bookmark toolbar doesn't work.  But all I want is to tap on new tab and have my bookmarks there immediately for me to click on which one I want.  (or type a search/url in the address bar)  I recently installed Firefox again and after turning off all of the crap and turning on "recent bookmarks", I had that... For a week or so.  Since it's only recent, my bookarks are no longer recent and are gone leaving me with an empty home page.  Who thought "recent bookmarks" was a good idea?  The whole idea of a bookmark is something you use often enough you want quick access to.  AND, it's where you put it.  Not in some recent list that gets moved around if you happen to do something else from time to time.  It's not just you.  Microsoft, Google, I'm sure apple but I use very little of their crap.  They all do this.  Why can't you just let people pick what they want to see?  Sure maybe you have it setup to be suggested/recent crap by default so the average user who doesn't know what they want have something to work off of.  But just put a freaking option (like recent bookmarks but without the freakin' RECENT part) so those of us who know what they want to do can have it.