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i want either 1 bookmarks folder or the ability to  remove all these other pointless bookmark folder until i have one ! having a mobile bookmarks folder on my desktop is so stupid. i have 1 firefox account i want 1 bookmarks folder , dont want to see recent bookmarks or any other folder no most used none of that garbage , this pretty much goes for any of these other folders like history only need 1 damm folder ! if i need another folder ill make one myself , there is far too much garbage too many places too look so sick of this crap ! dont want or need 50 different places to have to look or 50 places computer can hide stuff , am i the only person that is sick of clicking on bookmarks or anything pretty much and then having 2 page of different bookmark folders too choose from this is total bull and someone needs fix this. who better then you guys because google sure the hell wont do anything about it they love to hide and confuse the hell out of everybody making them think something is gone but know there is 50 other place it is . screw that 1 subject 1 folder !!!  either give us the choice to  delete  all these folders so we can have one bookmarks folder we have 1 firefox account and everything is sync to my other devices , i do not want too see each device with its own bookmarks folder  !!! that is a waste of space memory and pain its just plain stupid !