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I usually use the bookmarks to save many stuff, and then easily navigate and remember those sites and tools.

(For example, in my bookmarks I've a "Health" Folder where I've some websites and videos; there I also have a sub-folder for healthy Food, and there's also another sub-folder in "Health" called "Exercise" with some exercise related websites and videos)

The difficulty is that I have many bookmarks folders and sub-folders, and results very difficult to explore/navigate and manage them (for example making an update/clean or reorganization).

Would be awesome to have a site or section in Firefox where you can manage and access all the bookmarks in a more intuitive/easy way, and also be capable of sharing one folder of the bookmarks (as for example "Courses") to someone by email.

Could you develop a bookmark exploring site?

Thank you!

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I think you want the Bookmarks manager that is available from the three-bar menu -> Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks (at the bottom).

To export all the bookmarks in a folder:

  • Select the folder
  • Click any entry on the right hand-side
  • Press ctrl-A (or cmd-A if on Mac), to select all
  • Right-click and select copy.

You should then be able to paste into an email or wherever.