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Status: New idea

Firefox for Android doesn't have bookmark tags features. Since user data is encrypted, it would be valuable to establish consistent features between Firefox on Android and the desktop.


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I wholeheartedly agree. I barely use tags in Firefox on my desktop (though I'd really like to) *because* I can't use them on my phone. An intermediate measure that I think would still really help would be to make tags accessible on Firefox for mobile (e.g. be able to use them in searches), even if we couldn't add new ones. Of course it would be optimal to be able to both use them AND add/modify them, but just using them would let people maintain a consistent workflow/usage pattern between laptop and mobile.

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It sucks that we have to start from scratch every time.

There was a bug open since 2012: It was closed when Mozilla decided to move to GitHub for issues.

There was a bug in GitHub since 2019: It was closed when Mozilla decided to move to Bugzilla again.

Now we have to use this Mozilla Connect BS? Or maybe just open another bug on Bugzilla, back to square one? How do we express support for anything? How do we track project when you re-arrange tickets every years and the average Firefox bug is open for a decade?