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As we all know, as reasonable as it is for site to want to make money, there are significant problems with the way ads are currently used on almost every site. Including not just a reduction in website function, but significant risks of virus' and malware. This prompts people to utilizes ad blockers. The response of sites has been not to fix the problems with ads, but to start detecting ad blocker usage and attempting to block access to the site to people that don't want to compromise their safety. This has also extended to the Google-owned Chrome removing the ability to meaningfully block ads.

It would be wonderful if Mozilla took a stand in the opposite direction and took steps to prevent sites from detecting when people are using ad blocking extensions. How effectively this could be done by a browser does depend on the method sites are using to do this, but if there are things that can be done, it would be a bone for Firefox and it's users.

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This does sound very appealing,  but I wonder if they detect it by simply trying to send an add.

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Hey, if Browsers like Brave, Opera and even google extensions can do it. Then Firefox, the Browser to rule them all, should have no problem. If chromium bases engines can f with chromes anti ad-block. Sadly youtube doenst work for me anymore and since its 13€ in germany i cant be bothered to buy premium.... means i gotta switch to a different browser ....


Firefox Team, do something. Im proud user of Firefox and boy im all in for the "Best Browser War" to stand for Firefox but right now im forced to use a different one ....


Hope this will get "fixed" or somehow managed.


Anyways, stay safe and keep my Web experience awesome.