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Making moves
Status: New idea

Currently I have several Account set-up in Thunderbird with the Matrix integration some more will be added soon.

It's embarrassing and may a privacy problem if you write a Mail but write it from the wrong Mail address.

Please allow to bind Mail and Chat account so certain user. So if I decide to send a Message to a certain contact Thunderbird auto set-up "From: " mail address according to the setup address.

In an advanced version, If I chose a certain user I had limited to a matrix account. The new Mail windows change to text-only and send the Message over Matrix.

To get it work properly there is a need to be able to setup per mail and chat-user of a contact in Address-book a corresponding mail address or chat-account of mine.

It would be nice If there is a statistic too in Thunderbird that could help determine the best message ways per contacts.

Sync it to CardDAV. As far I understand RFC:6352 you could create your own Entry.



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This would be my number one request for thunderbird.  I write to different recipients in different capacities, and every time IO have to use a "customise from: address" and edit by hand.  As well as remembering the appropriate address!

So much easier if I could just enter the recipient, and have the appropriate From: address entered in the From and Reply-To fields!


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Thunderbird had a perfect plugin for this. It's not compatible anymore, but there are some efforts including some of the features in tb directly. T

Making moves

It certainly would be nice to see integrated vetting of addresses. There's no reason Thunderbird couldn't automatically check a whitelist to see if an email from "Amazon" actually comes from that company's address. Or check that links in an email point to an address owned by the apparent sender. Or warn about addresses that use a lot of zeroes instead of Os, ones instead of Ls. Etc.

Email today is a minefield. Clients need to evolve to be intrinsically safer. (The back ends could be better too, but that's another problem entirely...)

New member

The number of messages I sent using wrong identity.. Having such feature would be wonderful!