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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

I'm tired of legitimate words being underlined in red in Firefox because the built-in dictionary is so small.  Can we add a larger dictionary as an add-on?

New member

Please increase the size of the Firefox dictionary. Quit focusing on "redesign", as it's a complete waste of time anyways, and focus on real productivity.

New member

OR ALLOW OPEN DIC FILES TO BE USED. What's frustrating is that you have to "add to dictionary" every form of that word; "All CAPS", "beginning of a sentence Capitalization" and "regular". I have literally added 1000+ UNIQUE words that are actual words 3 different times meaning I had to add 3000 words manually to a dictionary. Also, if you type a country in and don't use Proper Noun capitalization, it'll throw up the most random irrelevant suggestions. IT IS LITERALLY THE WORST DICTIONARY EVER CODED. Constantly get suggested corrections that don't contain 80% of the letters I used. Part of the problem is that the creator of the Dictionary for English Users, is a GERMAN NATIVE. That would be like me being put in charge of the German dictionary and thinking the silly vocabulary I acquired from my High School days will be sufficient for German users. Clearly no one would use more than the 100 words I've learned in German, just ignore the fact that, they're conspicuously the ones we use in English with minor spelling variations.

New member

Please sort out the dictionary. Today it underlined the word "militaries" i.e., the plural of military, because even such a simple word isn't in its dictionary.