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I use Thunderbird on a portrait/vertical oriented 1440p monitor. It works pretty great for everything, except when you go into a search tab. Then, it hides the "show results as list" link entirely, that is where I'd really rather be vs the default search tab. While it'd be way better if I could just go to the list view directly, it seems that Thunderbird's developers have outright ignored/closed threads requesting this feature.

So, since I'm stuck always going to this unwanted default search view, it seems like when a Thunderbird window is 'narrow' (i.e. in Portrait mode, the "show results as list" button just disappears entirely, screenshot below:


When I grab the Thunderbird window and move it to a landscape-oriented monitor and then manually expand it outward, then the button I want appears.

I guess it's true I have low expectations for this to be fixed, as it probably only affects people using Thunderbird on a portrait-oriented monitor, but it's still annoying.

Here's a second screenshot showing that things work fine - once the window is expanded out horizontally.


But wouldn't the better solution be to behave like any other window content, and just have the "show results as list" button float to the left to be visible for the user, regardless of the horizontal width of their window? Instead, this very important button to show results as a list, has been 'frozen' over to the far right. Everything else in this window is being covered by the Today Pane. If I press F11 to hide the Today Pane, everything appears. It's a workaround.

But wouldn't it be better if instead of putting content BEHIND the Today Pane, if the Today Pane was treated as being on the same 'layer' representationally, and have the Results content flow alongside of it, instead of being behind?

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I think this might be fixed in the new "Supernova" interface that came when I just updated to 115. I've done a half dozen test searches using the search bar, and now the "show results as list" always appears and is not covered by the right sidebar. Good work, Thunderbird devs!