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Making moves
Status: New idea

The changes, brought along with the Proton redesign, have made it less obvious to mute or unmute a playing tab, something you want to do quickly and without confusion.

Before, a simple but effective speaker icon was visible and could be accessed at all times. Now, the icon (dis)appears on hovering. The small capital text hasn't helped me once (too small to read, wants to convey too much information).

So I'd like to suggest using (larger) icons with a larger click area again, for _relevant_ volume/autoplay/PiP tab controls, and abandon too much text for more clarity.

Strollin' around

Oh man, I have accidentally muted tabs way too often since this update. Please make it better!

New member

I would agree - the entire tab bar UI was infinitely better pre Proton.... IMHO this whole part of the UI needs to be reverted e.g. to the look that worked so much better in 78ESR (the previous ESR before 91). Shame the design team have already rejected a bunch of suggestions on the old ideas platform.

New member

I was looking for a way to remove the mute button which appears on hover. I keep accidentally muting my tabs, when I just want to switch there. Please make it possible to hide the mute button. I'll use context menu if I really want to mute a tab.

Making moves

I hate this proton bug you are forcing on us.

New member

A speaker symbol in the menubar. Like the cut or copy button. The activated tab is muted if a user press the speaker symbol. Maybe mouse wheel volume up/down over the symbol.