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Making moves
Status: New idea

In the past we could use Backspace to go back a page, now we have to awkwardly use Alt+Left Arrow.

You can also right click on the page, move the mouse to the ⬅️ and click.

How about a faster way of navigating back a page, by double right clicking? It's intentional enough that it's unlikely you'd activate it by accident, and fast enough to speed up your browsing. It's also easier to do with a touchpad (instead of some gestures where you have to hold right click and drag.

Maybe to refresh the page you could click and hold both the left and right mouse buttons for a couple seconds?

You could also put the middle mouse click to additional use, I only use it to open links in new tabs.

Thoughts? Note that I have a touchpad with physical buttons, I know many newer ones integrate the buttons into the touchpad which could be more annoying to use. Obviously an external mouse would still work.

Status changed to: New idea
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