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Making moves
Status: New idea

Bring back the ability to choose the theme and page background colors separately instead of always forcing black.  I've tried every suggestion I can find here to have a white page, black text, and the radio buttons visible again.  On nearly every page with radio buttons I can only find them by hovering my mouse around until I find the one I want.  Just two choices are needed, make the page background any color we choose and what theme do we want to add.

If it helps or matters, I have Firefox Ver. 97.0.1 64 bit with Windows 10 Ver. 19043.1566. 

New member

I SECOND THAT (probably millionth that, if we include all the silent voices fuming each time they turn on their browsers!) about the black background default. It's annoying, and a pain/distraction to have to keep resetting it every time. I have an older iMac (late 2009 Mac OS Sierra, with the latest Firefox update), and I like consistency on my computer screen. It would be very nice if Mozilla could see to it to add a control feature for the background color so it doesn't keep resetting to their chosen default setting every time we open Firefox.


I am, however, thankful for all their safety updates, as Apple has chosen not to secure my computer since 2019. (I guess BUY! BUY! BUY! is their motto. I LIKE my computer!)

New member

How do I get back the white background? The black is really hurting my eyes, I'm forced to use Chrome or IE whenever I have to do a Search and I don't like those browsers but I simply can't read the Search results on the Black page. Whose idea was this "innovation" and what was the purpose???

I have Windows 10.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all, just wanted to jump in here quickly and let you know that a Product Manager for Firefox Mobile (iOS) just kicked off a discussion here in the community about a similar topic:

Bringing Colour to Firefox Mobile 

It is for Firefox Mobile, but we invite you to join and share your input. This is very helpful as we plan roadmaps and explore ways we can improve our products.

Thanks and hope to see you there 😃