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Status: New idea

It would be great if Firefox could offer automatic transcriptions of audio playback for when subtitles or closed captions aren't available.

This would make the web a lot more accessible. While this is not an aimed to be an alternative for websites to provide their own subtitles or closed captions, it is a good backup solution to have when browsing the web. This is particularly helpful for live content or when consuming content by small content creators that may not have the means to provide subtitles or closed captions themselves.

I'd expect this to use the dataset from and operate locally. If the system requirements are high, this would be an optional feature that individuals can enable, which downloads the components separately from the browser.

This would be easier implemented after 2177 as that already requires transcribing from an input device. This takes that same requirement, but transcribes from a playback device instead.


When or if this is implemented, a great next step would be to offer this feature in combination with automatic translations, so users can have the translated transcription.

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