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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Can we have a feature where all our tabs (and tab groups in the future) sync between devices? You can think of Safari handoff where I can start browsing on my pc and then when I'm on the go, my phone has it as well so I can continue.

Right now only bookmarks are synced, and for some tabs, I can 'send to device', but a browsing session is pretty big with many tabs if you're researching and continuity is really important.

If privacy is an issue, we can browse incognito or set a flag for certain tabs (or groups) or have a device only session like on Safari without putting it in a group.

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

I'm not sure about Firefox on iOS, but on Android (and Desktop, on Windows and MacOS) we can access all tabs open in normal (not private) windows on other devices, so we can reopen them on our own without having to send them in the first place. I would not oppose automatically opening the tabs on one device on the others, but there should be a switch for this feature.

However logins, Cookies or other session informations are not shared, so we would only get the websites (their URLs). Making available the session history and all data available from other devices could be considered, albeit with perhaps some caution about security and privacy...
I think that it would be best to send session informations like logins only when we send a tab to another device.


Thanks for the suggestion @tuttifrutti ! And valid request! Have you by chance had an opportunity to play around with the new Firefox View feature in the Nightly build yet? This will actually bring some of the functionality you mention to light. In Firefox View, you'll be able to retrieve tabs from your other devices as long as you're signed into a Firefox account and have gone through the steps to sync your devices. This feature will ship in Firefox Release on Oct 18th. Looking forward to your feedback on it!