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Status: New idea

I have thousands of emails in my inbox, but I prefer to deal with them on a project basis, so I would like to set up filters on all my emails to automatically filter and file them to their appropriate folder. One day AI will do this for us, but until AI filtering is sophisticated enough to remember that an email from a particular recipient may have to be moved to a subject or specific project rather than an existing sender's name folder, I will have to manually create my filters. So an option to automatically create these pre-filled-in filters may be the starting point of a future Thunderbird AI, where patterns appear that may be reliably acted upon.

However, auto-filing unread email would require these folders, that now contain unread emails, to be much more obvious. Currently these folder names are shown as bold, but as I have more folders than fit on a page I would prefer to only see these folders that need my attention.

So ideally I would like:-

1. An option to toggle view of either all folders (current) or only folders with unread emails (proposed).
    This can be achieved very simply by adding a button that shows all folders or just bold folders.

2. Future plans for an intelligent auto-filing of all emails as they come in.
   This can initially be achieved very simply by a right click option on an email that automatically creates and shows a new filter with "subject equal to", "sender contains" plus "match all the following" and "move to folder" all already filled in from the email that I clicked on. I can then quickly adjust the filter, as required, run and save. Save will obviously need to automatically create the new folder too, if it does not exist.

This is essentially creating an AI filing clerk, but highlighting folders (projects) that need attention.

Status changed to: New idea
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Familiar face

I think your number one already exists.  Especially as both folder types can be visible in the folder pane at the same time,  one after the other.



You two sounds a lot like this addon

Certainly the prefilling part.