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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Using bookmarks on mobile is pretty annoying. Your options are: 1) using uncustomizable shortcuts; 2) using the (...) menu to open bookmarks and 3) pin "latest bookmarks" to homepage and click "show all". Option 1 is pretty much out of the question if you use a lot of bookmarks and/or need folders; Options 2 and 3 have you clicking a lot to get to the bookmarks toolbar, which is extremely annoying.

Also, adding something to bookmarks on mobile, doesn't bring up the menu to choose where it ends up, and doesn't have a way to set up a default location, which forces me to then go into the bookmarks menu and manually move them. Having a default location option and the desktop-style bookmarking menu would be much appreciated.

I suggest an option for the current bookmarks widget or a new widget altogether for the homepage, that would just allow you to pin a bookmark folder (Bookmarks\Desktop\Bookmarks Toolbar in my case). Widgets usually have limited space, so I suggest having an arrow/show all button that will expand to show the whole folder (and you should have the option to have it expanded by default). Also, preferably in a list format rather than tiles with thumbnails.

Alternatively add a bookmarks menu to the tab button menu, but this way the whole homepage is just wasted space for me, so I would prefer the former option.

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

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A bookmarks widget is essential! Samsung did a very good job with the bookmarks widget on their browser. Their widget is customizable and resizable and has folders. Hopefully, FIrefox will do even better!

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Seriously, how is this not even a basic feature? On mobile, your interaction is limited to touches and the lesser clicks/taps one needs, the better is the user experience. Safari for iOS and Samsung Internet for Android have a pretty awesome "quick access" homepage that let you open a bookmark with just 1 or 2 taps. And then voila, you are busy browsing. On the other hand, opening something as simple as a bookmark takes multiple clicks and hoops. With this kind of user experience, who the hell would want to use Firefox on Android anyway? Well, let me guess: someone who has bookmarks synced. And... I can't think of any other reasons.

No wonder the market share is in complete decline. Don't get me wrong. I still use Firefox on all desktop operating systems even now. I so much WANT to use it on mobile as well. But I just cannot tolerate the user experience on mobile. Please please listen to feedback.

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+1 for this. Bookmarks on Firefox mobile is simply terrible. I love Firefox on desktop but it's ridiculously difficult to use on mobile.

The Homepage is a neat idea and the Add To Shortcuts is a good start, but it's unwieldy because the Shortcuts section on the Homepage gets cluttered with web pages from the history - and when you remove one, it just puts another in its place. AND you have to do this by vising a page and adding it.

There should at least be an option for the Homepage that shows your bookmarks.

Any of the options of the OP and the other posts would work to make it much, much better.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

A Firefox Product Manager just kicked off a discussion here on Mozilla Connect about improving the Firefox Mobile homepage: Firefox Mobile Users: Share Your Thoughts on the Mobile Homepage! 📱 

Check it out and add your thoughts there. It's a great opportunity to share feedback and communicate directly with the team working on this feature.

Hope to see ya there 🙌

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Hey this would be great on desktop too, or a more robust customizable homepage would also be great!

Maybe custom rss feeds, splitting recent pages from pinned, letting us add a pinned page without having to edit an existing recent page...block thingy etc.