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Making moves
Status: New idea

I prefer cleaner look and personally i visit only trust websites so i do not need to see these. Also coming from Chrome and Brave and i liked that much you only see example I tried look config and custom css but can't get it work. Worked only https part. Hopefully you can guys add some config option for that.

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Making moves

I disagree. That front part of the url, https://www, is useful information especially if you are working with network routing or ad blocking. How would you debug browser issues if you don't see the exact URL accessed?

Making moves

Thats why it can be option aswell for peoples who not want to see it. If you can remove that https part in config page why not also www. part aswell.

Familiar face

The WWW part is the subdomain you are connected to.  That is why. 

Many, many servers have an auto redirect to move folk that explicitly request the WWW subdomain to the parent,  so you do not see the WWW.  But it is a good security thing to actually know what domain you are connected to. Especially in shared domains like Topicbox where sub domains are used to identify the company lists.  eg is a different company to  It is interesting that they have a redirect on to the WWW subdomain, because that is where they want you to be.

But at the end of the day the thing in the Unified  Resource Locator (URL) and it is the name of a unique resource on the internet,  not the name of some company whose website you are connected to. So deliberately mask some part of it to aesthetic purposes actually leaves you in the dark as to where you really are.