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Status: New idea

Nowadays there are several webs from government, banks, etc... that need the usage of personal certificates to login into them.

There is no problem in Firefox desktop but in Firefox mobile there is no way to use personal certificates. So it cause the necessity to use an alternative browser for these kind of webs.

The strange thing is that in older Firefox mobile versions there were a way to use these certs but not in modern versions (?).


Try the following steps

  • Install the certificate into the Android cert store 
  • enable Firefox's secret settings
  • enable choosing Use third party certificates
  • restart Firefox by either force quitting the app in the Android app settings or restarting the phone, swiping closed Firefox may not do a full restart.

Does this allow the websites to be accessed?

New member

Unfortunately that setting seems that don't allow Personal certificates.

I've also tried the old "trick" that was manually adding the personal certs to Firefox cert files (as root) and it also doesn't work. At least it show the Personal certificates in about:certificate page but are unusable. That worked in previous (old) Firefox mobile versions but not now.


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That is the only feature preventing me from deleting chrome

New member

This is my usage case: firefox for general browsing and chrome for secured services that need personal certificate like banking, health services or taxes.

I want to get rid of chrome too but personal certificates support is a must.

New member

Could not agree more. The comments above reflect my case too. I hope Firefox can use the certificates installed in the system, as Chrome does, and finally get rid of the later and use only the former in my mobile phone.

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It's the minimum expected for Firefox Nightly to have the feature to accept a user-installed CA certificate on Android. Why is something so basic and necessary not enabled? Why isn't there even an option to activate this? Honestly, this is frustrating and disappointing.

Making moves

Add certificate information tab on mobile

There's currently no certificate information tab for Mobile Firefox. Chromium has it; it's really useful at times.

New member

I subscribe what has already been said: it is sad that one has to resort to Chrome on tablets/phones because Firefox mobile does not handle personal certificates 😞

New member

This worked for me:

Enable secret settings on FFfandroid


Enable "use thrid party ca certificates" in secret settings


Upload your custom certificate authority pem file to the android cert store (check for your phone how to do that)
restart the phone (yes, seriously)
Now my dev machine certs are accepted: