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Status: Delivered

The Add-ons Manager page (about:addons) doesn't allow to Find in page. It has a search field, but it only searches online in This is wholly inadequate once one has more than a couple of screenfulls of add-ons.

In my case, I have over 80 add-ons enabled (and many more disabled). Whenever I have to find the right one for anything (enabling or disabling, changing preferences) it's a pain, since I have to scan the list one by one, check whether the name relates to what I want, and try to remember what each one is for.

Ideally we would be able to search for a string appearing in the name, description or release notes of the add-ons.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Anonymous status updated thanks for flagging this!

Making moves

Works for me as well, awesome !


Here is a few ideas I had about addons in general

If the person who did this wants to make the add-on page better while they're still fresh on how it works, it could use a filter and then only show add-ons matching filter.

But really just having a way to search is so much better already

I also really recommend this addon for managing your addons

I would like to see an ability to change the sort order of add-ons

In order of installation date

In order of last update date

In alphanumeric order of addon name (ascending/descending)

In alphanumeric order of addon author name (ascending/descending)

In order of per tab memory usage / per tab cpu usage / per tab added rendering latency

I would like a way to copy the URL of the firefox addon store addon page (to give to other people)

The add-on page itself might show author name, (right clickable and copiable)link to store page, current version, latest update date, installation date


lastly an  "addon scheme" dropdown, to mass enable/disable addons

For instance I might have a high security mode that disable all addon except 3

I could have language work addon, which enables many translation/speech to text/text to speech addons

I could have minimalist addon scheme designed for maximum speed


The ability to quickly switch between schema depending on current objectives would be great, maybe there could be a way to import/export addon schemes. Maybe importing an addon scheme would ask you if you want to automatically download all the required addons you don't have (making installation of addon easier to a certain configuration)


And lastly, that's the holygrail of addon, and it might be the ability to enable/disable a set of add-ons on a per tab/ per container / per website basis.



Making moves


I had written a very long comment, but when I hit post, it asked me to login, and my comment was gone 😞 (I hit back, hoping it would re-appear from the buffers but no, it was gone)

Anyway, I will retype what I can remember

First, it works for me, great job to the team who did it !

I have a few more suggestions to the people who did it, if they want to try and make the addon page better while the knowledge of how it works still is still fresh in their mind

Filter box for addon page : only show addon with matching text in title or description

Change addon sort order

alphanumerical ascending/descending of addon name

alphanumerical ascending/descending of addon author name

sort by addon installation date

sort by last update date

sort by memory usage/average cpu time/added page load latency

On the addon page, for each addon it would be nice to have

author name, last update date, date of installation, (copiale) link to storage page

It would be great to have the ability to mass change the current set of enabled add-ons

I would call this an "addon scheme"

For instance

High security addon scheme : only highly trusted and essential addons are left enabled

High speed addon scheme : disable non-essential addons and heavy addon for an accelerated browsing experience

Language work addon : enable addons about translation, grammar, writing, speech to text and text to speech

Experimental addons : Your normal set plus a couple experimental addons you don't want enabled all the time, but witout having to micromanage

development addons: enabled addons designed to help with development plus the in-development addons you might be trying out on your firefox

You can imagine other schemes for specialist purposes.

With the addon scheme you could quickly and easily switch between whole configuration of addons

This is similar in functionality to firefox profile switcher, (which should be a base feature of firefox imho) except more fine grained and easier to use

Making moves

Here is the search line, but it stands separately and is not mounted in the «Add-ons and themes» section and in the toolbar you can drag it «under the nose» for your convenience.

This is the "Manage Add-ons" menu in Firefox.This is the "Manage Add-ons" menu in Firefox.