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Status: New idea

Specifically let's say one audio source from one tab and another audio source from another tab that can be played at the same time without automatically pausing one of them when the other starts playing.

When both audio/video sources are on the same tab (like one web page that has 2+ MP3/MP4/Webm/etc. files), FF can play them at the same time, which is great. But this app would be a million times better if users can play audio from at least two tabs at once.

I appreciate the hard work the FF team has put into this app, it's my favorite browser by far. If they could add this feature it would be a dream come true. Thank you.

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This is more a website specific issue. The website is "monitoring" the visibility changes and pauses the audio when it switch/leaves the tabs. There are already addons, which allows you to nullify / overwrite some js apis ref.