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New member
Status: In development
I have a suggestion for Thunderbird. It would be nice to have Thunderbird allow a new Compose Message window to show up in a Thunderbird tab instead of a free floating window as it does now. I would make this a user configurable item in perhaps Preferences, where the user can select whether he/she wants to have each new Compose Message window be a free floating window or a Thunderbird tab. Thanks for considering this.
Making moves

I like the idea that it is at least being seriously considered now.  Instead of the disastrous 115 changes, the focus should have been on the tab feature in the first place.  It always seems as if it is two steps forward and one step back.

New member

This feature has yet to be implemented. I hope to see this in the near future as Thunderbird already has tabs and in my opinion, should be able to be used in a single window at all times if desired.

New member

It is such an obvious feature that I don't understand why Thunderbird doesn't have it. Everything else works with tabs, why not this?