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Making moves
Status: New idea

I feel like AI generated summaries would fit in nicely with the reader view.

This is obviously riding on the AI hype train, but I'm currently having a great time using an AI to summarize articles to save time when deciding what to read.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Strollin' around

Of course it would be cool if Mozilla added AI summarisation, but they can't create it. It is not that easy to create AI. Or they will add third-party AI, or they will add nothing. But: Microsoft has created their chatGPT for Bing, and in MS Edge it can summarise pages, documents. And there is information that Microsoft will let companies create their own versions of chatGPT. So maybe someone will create open-source summarizer, and mozilla could add it.

Making moves

voting for this 

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Community Manager

Hey all,

Heads up...

Mozilla's Innovation Studio just kicked off an exciting discussion on the topic of AI tools, chatbots, and more—and you're invited to participate! 

Contribute to Mozilla's product thinking around AI tools & chatbots 

Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and ideas 💡

New member

An Add-on for Android and PC version of Firefox browser, which Summarize a article or document will be great if possible. 

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Community Manager
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Ewww AI I don't like it.