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so ive had a problem some years, i cant always afford fast internet for mobile, but i can always afford to wait.
the issue is that, i have learned, my buffer cache is capped at 30 seconds, and my readahead is capped at 60!!!
now see i understand why that might have been done, and during normal operation im sure it prevents some abberant behavior or another, but on desktop i have found that
changing media.mediasource.enabled to false
media.cache_readahead_limit & media.cache_readahead_limit.cellular to a larger number
means that i can buffer an entire 30 minute youtube video, it entirely fits within my cache.
i would like some version of this on Firefox Mobile where i can say "i would like to sacrifice some aspects of the quality of my user experience for the sake of some other aspect
I reckon that doing this would probably make it EAT ram, this is fine.
anyways i love you guys. love that you even let me do THAT on desktop, keep up the great work!

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