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Hi there Mozilla : you can add to Options "Set Audio Devices :" and just allow the user set Input / Output devices indepentment ?

---Unnecesary explaniation of my particular case : ---

i am Slackware64 14.2 user, until the past week, i had my operating system just with ALSA (Advance Linux Sound Arquitecture), but when i upgrade Firefox to latest version, Firefox or simple not have audio output, or directly hang the operating system.

Well the case was Firefox force to my to install a software i really hate like PulseAudio, you for try had Audio Output when i watch online videos.Well i try to watch youtube videos, and when the video is muted, the playback works, but if i enable Audio, the video just stop, Firefox can't Play it, i must download the video and after watch with a video player of my operating system for watch the video i want to see online before just Firefox don't have options for set Audio Input/Output devices. my pc had 2 Sounds Cards, the integrated, is burned too much years ago but the system detect like not had problem, well i blocked in module levels using the blacklist for block that soundcard and just use the pci sound card.


The thing is riht now i had delete manually the "$HOME/.mozilla" folder, start from scrath, like too much sites says, to solve the problem, the thing is that don't revolve the issue for me, the problem persist, looks like had firefox had a problem with audio device, but i don't now how i can log a debug trace for report to mozilla and solve this problem, because looks like is common from Firefox 58.0 and still in Firefox 108 is present.


Just for that i think a possible solution is just let the user set the audio devices input/output, using only ALSA i had never before was problem with video/audio playback


except firefox can't use a GNU/Linux just with real ALSA. which is part of kernel, is senseless force the user change to PulseAudio when that is a optional audio server and remove the real alsa support, and is senseless does not allow users to set manully the audio devices, searching i found one or two articles with a very complex process of make work and usb sound card under GNU/Linux if your default browser is firefox. The rest during 7 years all related with audio/video works fine on my operating system, just four days with pulseaudio and start the problems.

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Making moves

It really says something when Firefox won't support ALSA anylonger so Debian has to do it for them: Debian's official Firefox packages have had working ALSA support for at least 6 years, and it works correctly even if the system doesn't have another audio output device.

Software like VLC or mpv, that have to deal with all the complexities of audio devices, sources, sinks, mixes and fades, allow selection of output for audio (and for video, but that one's not relevant here). There's no particular reason to disallow the user from using their *own* audio backend when it's empirically proven to work (AFAIK: ALSA, OSS and Pipewire on Linux).