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Status: New idea

The Android app has an option to delete cookies and site data on exit. Unlike the desktop version, it doesn't allow users to add exceptions for it.

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This is a huge problem which stops me from using SearX because it clears my settings on it everytime.

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@privacy_  Check the SearX documentation to find out if you can use URL parameters with your settings. DuckDuckGo has parameters for everything, so after you add your custom DuckDuckGo URL to your search engines, you don't need to allow cookies or any other local site data.

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This is highly needed !

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I also need this feature !

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Hi, I need this.

On desktop, I have setup that clears everything except sites I want to remember me, but this is Impossible on mobile.
The closest thing i can get, is using CookieAutoDelete (AddOn) from a custom AddOn collection to clear the Cookies, but extension level Browsing Data deletion is just not it.

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I would love to see this feature implemented. It's a great feature on desktop and we need it on mobile!