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Status: New idea

Often the URL for a site for whose login/password I need to search is not named the same as the site itself.  Being able to a "title" the login entry, or add tags, would allow more effective searching.

Example:  I am trying to find my account for "Groucho's Ford Dealership", but the actual URL is "".  I might never find my login.

Secondly, I don't think that firefox preserves URL parameters in the saved login entry.  If the above example where "", I would again have a harder time finding Groucho's site (not knowing his dealer number).



Making moves

I totally agree! I want to allocate my own names for so many of my logins. I can't believe this hasn't been part of saved passwords right from the start. And, yes, that fact that only the main domain is saved makes it difficult - and in some instances, impossible - to save some logins.

Strollin' around

I also completely agree!!!! I have been experimenting with using FireFox's password/login manager instead of my current password manager. The only thing, so far, that's keeping me and my wife from switching is the inability to associate a name/title with the login. I have a lot of passwords and often the URL is not immediately apparent or descriptive of the website. I WOULD REALLY LIKE THE ABILITY TO ALLOCATE OR ASSOCIATE A DESCRIPTIVE NAME TO THE LOGINS!!!!! Thank you so much. When you add this feature then I will start using FF's password/login manager on a regular basis.

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Any news on this?