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Status: New idea

there are so many times where i delete a bookmark by mistake and can't get it back...

just now... i deleted a folder that has so many important bookmarks by mistake and there is no way to get it back or even remember what i have deleted!

so please at least add it as an option when enabled, the bookmarks go to trash-bin or archive instead of disappearing forever.

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Community Manager

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The bookmarks delete mechanism is generally hooked up to the undo/redo mechanisms so in most cases you should be able to undo your changes from the edit menu.

Worst case, there's a backup mechanism where Firefox is saving 15 backups of your bookmarks. More details about that here:

New member

Undo/redo is only helpful if you recognize your fault immediately.

Restoring a backup overwrites also wanted changes and new bookmarks.

The only really helpful tool will be a real trashfunction like the browsers Opera and Vivaldi have.

This is why Vivaldi is now my second browser which I use more and more.
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