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Status: New idea

Microsoft Edge has SHARE on the Application Menu to allow you to send a link of the tab that you are in to your email account so that you can then FORWARD to others in your contact list.  This is a lot easier than copying and pasting the link from the tab into your email.  It saves several steps, clicks, copy and paste, etc. 

As are result of FIREFOX not having a quick share to email.... I have been slowly moving off the FIREFOX browser.  FIREFOX is no longer my default browser.  However, I have invested years into saving links into bookmarks that are organized under the bookmark tool bar in Firefox that I must migrate.

Status changed to: New idea
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Familiar face

Hmm, Like so many requests to enhancements,  I think your feature is already there.

I right-click the toolbar,  select customise and drag the email link button to the toolbar.  Now I have an email button on the toolbar that email links.  You have to address them, but I would consider that a plus as it removes the forward step.