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Making moves
Status: New idea

Add search engine sorting in Firefox for Android

Currently search engine sorting is present on desktop and even iOS versions, but not Android. While this feature is just a small improvment, its lack can be very annoying. For example, in all my browsers except for phone I have engines in following order: general searches, Polish Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, other specialised engines (in custom order). On phone I have DDG, Qwant, English Wikipedia, Startpage, Polish Wikipedia, specialised engines. Unluckily keyboard hides Polish Wikipedia and other custom searches which eventually led me to forgetting I added them. The only way I can fix it on my own is through removing all of the engines and adding custom ones in right order, hoping I won’t make any mistake in the process or that I won’t want to add one more that’s shouldn’t be at the end, like Brave or Wikipedia i third language. Hopefully my example shows can useful this feature is and how annoying its lack can be.

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Suggestion -

Option to Reorder/Sort the list of Search Engines.

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Hi, could you try this:

Open the Settings (Preferences) page. In the left column, click Search. On the right side, scroll to the bottom.

You should find a box under the heading "Search Shortcuts". In this box, you can drag and drop search engines up and down to change the order.

Does that work on yours?

Familiar face

As jscher2000 said, you can sort search engines on Desktop. It's Android that I think would benefit from this.

Making moves

Dear jscheer2000, no, unluckily it doesn’t. As I and MintMain21 (wait what is my computer doing here) mentioned, this suggestion applies to Android. On desktop and iOS search sorting exists, but on Android it can’t be found anywhere.

Making moves

👍Completely agree.

Strollin' around

Sorting by usage (most used at the top) would be good, but if you can customize the order yourself, that would be fine too.